Price's Instant Lawn

Richard Price, owner of Prices Instant Lawns, has recently established a new operation in Mt Hampden where he is growing Durban, Kikuyu and Buffalo Instant lawn commercially. Despite an existing power line running along his boundary, he opted to install a Solar Powered Pumping System to deliver water to a twin jet cannon sprayer.

Function: 14KW Commercial PV Powered Pumping System
Number of PV Panels installed: 46 x 310W Poly Crystalline
Tracking System: 3 rows ganged driven by a 1000Kg Electric Ram
Control System: Microprocessor Optical Sun Tracking
Pumps Installed: 1 x 7.5HP Submersible Pump, 1 x 5HP Booster Pump
Delivery: 20m3 per hour for up to 9 hours a day
Application System: Water Wright twin 12mm jet cannon sprayer
Security: Solar Street lights and Electric Fence power by an Independent set of PV panels and a Deep Cycle Solar Battery

"I decided on a Solar Powered system because of our experiences with ZESA Load shedding and require reliable, predictable power. Although initially expensive to set up, the system should pay itself off in 5 years, as zero electricity costs, so thereafter free power.  It is also environmentally friendly, taking advantage of our sunny climate. 
With the tracking system we are able to run the pumps at full power from 7am to 5pm.

I am impressed with the trouble-free operation of the Electro Dynamics Solar Drives which start and stop the pumps smoothly and even protected the booster pump motor when the rotor was locked due to foreign material in the pump. The owners of Solar Energy Projects, Oloff and Sebastian Smyth have always responded promptly to any issues and have now proposed to upgrade the tracking system to Time of Day Controll which will include early morning and end of day ‘back tracking’ to increase the yield. They will also install an Anemometer to detect high wind speed so that the arrays can be positioned horizontally for safety during periods of high wind speed."